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Posted on March 21, 2016 by jo


Today is March 21, the Vernal Equinox, and spring is officially here.  At least, it's here in this part of the world. If you live in Australia, you're starting winter.  HA! Sorry for you.  Anyway....I've been thinking (that can be dangerous) and have decided that I'm going to concentrate my professional efforts this year on convincing folks that they need to plant trees.  Trees, in my estimation, are THE most important part of any landscape.  No matter how much money and resources are thrown at a landscaping project, they all fall short of true beauty to me if there are no key trees.  And by key trees, I mean the right tree in the right place. Planted correctly. So they live. For a LONG time. No one does that better than Mother Nature, as I saw when I was in California last fall.  This is me at Calaveras Big Trees State Park.  I was inspired, to say the least. 

So.....I will get into tree selection and proper planting techniques in future Twig Tips but in order to convince you that you need to plant a tree this spring, I have made a list of Top Ten Reasons to Plant a Tree.

1) Provide shade Yes, you need it.  Thank me when your electric bill is reduced and you spend less $ on sunscreen.

2) Block the wind Thank me again when your heating bill goes down and your shingles stay where they belong.

3) Provide privacy Thank me when you don't have to see what's going on in your neighbors back yard.  And they don't see what's going on in yours :-)

4) Add beauty Thank me when you are enjoying the spring blooms and fall color.

5) Increase your property value Thank me when you sell your property because someone loved the beautiful maple that shades your patio.

6) Feed da birds Thank me when you see hundreds of robins in your hawthorn tree in February.

7) Reduce pollution Thank me when you can breathe easier and drink clean water (ok, that might be stretching it a bit but it does help!)

8) Save water Thank me when your city water bill goes down because a shaded lawn uses much less water.

9) Provide food Thank me when you are chowing down on those delicious apples and nuts.

10) Prevent soil erosion Thank me when your hillside stays put and doesn't end up in the lake after that very big rainstorm.

Have I convinced you yet?  I hope so.  Come see me this spring, I will help you pick one out! Nothing would make me happier, being the Tree Hugger that I am.

Off to plant a new tree to hug........Jodie





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